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Griffiths, Sian

: English Spelling Society: New rools to make language more predictable for pupils. (The Sunday Times), , Education (692 wörter)
The new system, Traditional Spelling Revised (TSR), will now be promoted in the hope that if it gains support “it will eventually become the new norm, thereby accelerating access to literacy”, the International English Spelling Congress said. The congress was set up by The English Spelling Society, a UK-based group that has campaigned to “repair our broken spelling” for 113 years, and the American Literacy Council. The society argues that English spelling has been so “chopped and changed” by invaders, scribes and printers over the centuries that the result is “crazy”. […] TSR changes up to 18 per cent of words in the language: wash becomes wosh, love is luv and educate becomes edducate.

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